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Classes, Workshops, Mentoring

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I offer workshops at Marin MOCA, individual instruction in my studio, community drawing classes, and mentoring, either in my studio or at the studio of the mentee.

Individual Instruction:

I work with beginning or intermediate artists to help them develop or hone skills such as representational drawing, abstract drawing, composition, and working with color. We usually meet once a week, for a few sessions or for longer if desired. Sessions include teaching the skills, immediate feedback, and encouragement.

$75 for 2 hours


When I start a mentoring process with an artist, we spend some time clarifying the goals of our work together. In our sessions, I help the artist:

  • Critique their work and develop their own artistic vision

  • Write an artist statement and compile a CV

  • Resolve technical challenges and discover the best medium for the artist’s vision

  • Stay focused and persist in their art practice even during fallow or doubting periods

  • Stay flexible and go with the flow if goals change or the work takes an unexpected turn.

$150 for two hours

Community Drawing Classes:

I teach various drawing skills to a small group (7 - 10 people) on a weekly basis. Some members come with art experience, while others are starting out. Classes are one-and-a-half hours long, and cover mark-making; line; light, value and shading; composition; portraiture; and figure drawing using wet and dry media. After a year together, this class has become a mini-community. I regularly take the students gently out of their comfort zones, and they have become enthusiastic risk-takers. An important part of the class consists of providing students with images of drawings by well-known professional artists.

$10 per class

“I have been attending art classes given by Janet Bogardus for the past year. The classes have focussed on drawing, both figure and still life, and have included the use of various materials and techniques. Janet has provided helpful and interesting handouts to help in understanding techniques for use in drawing. I believe my general drawing ability has improved with her direction. I especially appreciate her individual comments and help, which are always positive and specific.”

Valerie Barbour, Community Art Participant


Contemporary Drawing

A two-day exploration of current drawing practices using graphite, poured acrylic, and soot on printmaking paper, vellum, dictionary pages, and yupo paper. 


“Janet is a very entertaining and creative teacher. As a seasoned and prolific artist she has a lot to offer any level of student. It can be scary venturing into the uncharted waters of new mediums and techniques but Janet is a wonderful guide who opens doors. She not only respects individual sensibilities and skill levels, she actively works to foster each student’s particular development. And she truly enjoys the diversity of expression. She is always there to problem-solve and provide constructive feedback while adding a generous dollop of encouragement. I feel very fortunate to have such a fine art instructor and mentor.”

Lisa Formichi, Contemporary Drawing Participant

Hands-on Rauschenberg

A three-day workshop starting with a PowerPoint presentation on the life and work of Robert Rauschenberg, followed by two days of collage and assemblage, involving image transfer, composition with found objects and text, painting and construction.

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“I’ve attended many of Janet’s workshops and have found her to be an excellent teacher. She begins the workshop by summarizing the focus for the day, explaining and demonstrating different techniques and giving helpful tips. After allowing time for ideas or concerns to generate, participants begin working on their projects, while Janet circulates around the room listening and offering suggestions. The class structure allows time to explore on your own, and also a most available teacher there to guide those needing help.”

Wendy Ricks, Marin MOCA Artist

Collage Then and NOW 

A day-long workshop. The students and I begin with a short discussion of a reader showing examples of well-known collage artists of the past and present. Following some tips on composition, gluing materials and practices, the students compose their own collages with ongoing individual feedback from me.  


"Janet Bogardus is generous with her time, supportive of her students, and provides interesting materials and instruction to get the creative juices flowing. Each student in the class produced wonderful collages regardless of experience!"

Virginia George, Benicia Workshop Participant and Collage Artist

Student ink drawing #drawingoftheday #dr
Student drawings_ negative space, draper

Individual Classes and Mentoring

“It’s rare to come across an artist who is such a talented and compassionate teacher as Janet Bogardus.

Janet provides me with invaluable tools to look at my art practice with a fresh eye, and apply those skills to developing more dynamic and authentic drawings and paintings. Her creativity, patience and humor continue to give me the confidence create work I never would have thought possible. I highly recommend Janet as a teacher and mentor for anyone interested in taking their work to the next level."

Rebecca Katz, ICB Sausalito Artist


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